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Never underestimate the importance of good copy. It can capture the attention of potential customers, keep past customers coming back again and again, and help your business thrive in good times and bad. Isn't it amazing that written words, when strung together effectively, can launch ships and keep the busy in your business?

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Whether your business is small, medium or large, you've worked hard to build it. So, doesn't it deserve written communication that says, "I'm proud to run a professional business?" You want to project a professional image, so ask yourself a few questions.

  • Have I stopped giving out my own sales materials because they're outdated?

  • Do I procrastinate sending out written communications because I dread the chore of writing them?

  • Am I sometimes embarrassed to send people to my own website?

  • Do I feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with my business's content needs?

  • Does hiring a marketing agency make my palms start to sweat?

If you answered yes (or even maybe) to any of these questions, you might need the services of a professional copywriter.

Relax. You've found a reliable partner--not an agency--to help you navigate this rocky terrain.

As an independent freelance writer, I won't ask you to sign a big annual contract. I'll work with you on a project-by-project basis allowing you to control your marketing expenses. 

You and I will collaborate to custom build your written materials, update your website, create or keep up with your newsletter, or devise a killer email campaign that gets results. 

And if you're just not sure what your business needs right now, let's chat.

I'm always willing to talk to folks about their business messages--especially SW Florida folks in the world of travel & tourism. 

Send me an email to set up a complimentary introductory phone consultation.

P.S. This fantastic sunset photo is the view from my back porch. No complaints here!

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