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And How I Might Be of Service to You

Good copywriting, placed strategically, will capture the attention of potential customers and help your travel and tourism business soar to new heights. Let my travel experience and my background in writing go to work for you.

A Little Bit About My Travels (without the boring details)

Travel has been my lifelong passion. I take the opportunity to travel whenever and wherever I can. I have been an enthusiastic customer of all types of travel—from cruises, to tours, to resort and hotel stays, to independently booked trips, to travel by boat, bike, plane, train, car, camel, foot and horseback.

My Philosophy

The world is here to be explored. My mom and dad traveled extensively, and my sisters and I were very lucky to get to go along on many of their fantastic trips. So I'm pretty sure that's where my philosophy comes from. When I asked my dad about going on Semester at Sea in my junior year in college, he didn't hesitate to say yes.

There's no place like home though, so I especially know my way around the beaches, parks, waterways and points of interest in Southwest Florida. That's the little slice of paradise I call home.

My Writing Experience

After 25 years as a writing instructor and writing coach at various educational levels, working tirelessly to coax my students into loving writing as much as I do, I decided it was time to just go ahead and become a professional writer. When people ask me what I do, I'm thrilled to tell them, "I'm a writer!" Through the copywriting industry leader, American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI) and their affiliate Great Escape Publishing, I’m an AWAI-verified copywriter and a successfully published travel writer. Click the portfolio tab to see some of my published articles.

Whatever your writing needs may be, I can help.

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