Let the atmosphere, music, and award-winning Caribbean cuisine at
Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille melt away your winter blues.

Dear Friends,

     I’ve found your next favorite restaurant in Southwest Florida!

    When you visit, this will be our first night out, and believe me, you’ll feel like we’re a thousand miles away on an island in the Caribbean. Picture yourself sipping a fruity tropical cocktail, relaxing on the deck watching a spectacular orange and pink Florida sunset. A soft, warm breeze gently blows and a couple of dolphins roll lazily by. The sounds of live music--maybe a steel drum or calypso band—float across the outdoor dining area. 

     Not far off, the shrimp boat fleet is docked for the night along the tranquil inland waterways of Estero Bay. Boaters are pulling up to the docks to join friends at the bar. Life is grand.  

               “For the sun-kissed and desirous alike, a vacation on a plate.”  The New York

                Times Magazine

     Wow! I’ll have what they’re having!

     So, leave behind the icy northern winds, the cold, wet snow, and the perpetual gray gloom. You’re in paradise. And no, this is not a dream.

     Next Saturday night after your long drive south, this is where you’ll be. At Doc Ford’s. In a casual, upbeat atmosphere, sitting outside listening to live music, sipping your favorite cocktail, contemplating what delicious meal awaits.     

     It’s near the beach, but no worries about traffic. It’s just on the mainland side of the Matanzas Pass Bridge, so getting there is easy. 

     At night, visitors at beach restaurants that overlook the Gulf stare into blackness. There’s nothing to see.   

     But Doc Ford’s has a unique setting with lots of boating activity and marine life. There’s so much to look at. Even at night. As the sun sets, the lights across the bay twinkle on and it's simply magical. 

     The food is amazing too.

     Yelp and TripAdvisor both give it 4+ stars. 

               “I drool every time I think about YUCATAN SHRIMP.”  Molly R. - Fort Myers

     So, we’ll get an order of the Yucatan Shrimp for sure. Then, maybe try some appetizers.  The Captiva Crab Cakes and the Conch Chowder sound fantastic. Fresh local seafood entrees like Doc Ford’s Original Lime Panko Crusted Fish Sandwich, Banana Leaf Snapper, and Deep Water Mahi Mahi are to die for. 

    And if you’re not into seafood, try a chicken, pork or steak entree prepared in an original Caribbean-style recipe. There’s something there for everyone. 

               “We wanted a good view and good food and we got so much more.” Kristina R.

                - Naples, FL

     Save room for dessert, I always say! Since all desserts are freshly made each day, the chef is free to create something fabulous on a whim. Maybe a cool slice of key lime pie or moist coconut cake. We’ll just have to be surprised.

     Now, about that inspiring location. If the name Doc Ford sounds familiar, it’s because the main character in Sanibel Flats, Captiva and a host of other novels by best-selling author Randy Wayne White, is marine biologist, Doc Ford.  White is part owner of Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille. The inspiration behind the setting of the novels all began within casting distance of right where we’ll be sitting. 

     Here’s what White writes about the restaurant’s perfect little spot:

     “Before I started writing novels, back when I was a full-time fishing guide on Sanibel, I lived, for a few years, about 200 yards from where you’re sitting – in a stilt house next to the shrimp docks. This part of Ft. Myers Beach was affordable, and I loved the salty, tropic-lazed lifestyle.”

     So, while we sit on the deck enjoying our perfect evening, we can look across and picture the old wooden stilt house where Doc Ford’s adventures began. After one of their famous mojitos, you might even feel like you’re one of the salty characters in his stories, dining on fresh shrimp and grouper prepared island style.

               “We go to Doc Ford’s every time we are in Ft. Myers.” M. Heine – Virginia

     So, before season starts and the restaurants get too crowded, we absolutely must go to Doc Ford’s. We can even take some pictures and send them to your friends and family shivering back home. Would a “wish you were here” caption be too cruel? 

     The first Saturday you’re back, we’ll pick you up at 5:00 PM so we can get there in time to have a drink before sunset.  We’ll listen to a little live music before dinner. We can sit indoors or out, your choice.  Either way, the service is always exceptional.  

     Welcome back! We’ll feast, relax, enjoy good company, and soak up the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the tropics without ever leaving Fort Myers. 

     Doc Ford’s is a place you’ll want to go back to again and again. They’ve got the best medicine ever for the winter blues and whatever else ails you! 

Warm regards,


P.S. See you next Saturday at 5:00PM sharp. We won’t want to delay our mini tropical vacation a single minute!







Fort Myers, FL USA